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FNaF AU Timeline
January 1956
-Jeremy Edward Fitzgerald is born
July 1960
25 year old Frederick Schmidt opens “Fredbear's Family Diner” in Oakland, California along with his wife, Patricia.
-Diner earns a modest reputation for home-styled meals, decent prices and friendly staff.
March 1961
Scott Charles Irving is born
-Frederick decides to include an “Open Mic Night” to the Diner.  Fredrerick's jolly, personable attitude quickly becomes a favorite feature among the guests at the Diner.
January, 1962
-The Diner starts to become an “interactive dining experience”, with Frederick playing a character named “Freddy”.  A handful of amateur actors from local universities are hired on to be his co-stars: Charlotte “Chicky” Banner, Robert “Bonnie” Church, and Francis “Cap'n” Courtenay.
*Scott comes to the pizzeria for his sixth birthday party, and is instantly enamored with the new characters. Cap'n quickly b
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 0 8
Lack of Color
"Get in." A grunt ordered sharply, shoving White into the room much harder than he needed to. He was just flexing his muscles, flaunting his temporary superiority over her. The young woman, hands cuffed securely behind her back, and with her Pokemon taken from her, she wouldn't in the position to kick his sorry ass to hell and back, despite how much she wanted to.  Instead she looked over her shoulder and gave the grunt a low, feral growl, making sure to show off her (rather well developed) canines. The grunt only smirked before the door slammed closed, leaving only an almost haunting silence, the only other sounds being the occasional minute beeps and whistles from the surrounding machinery.
"The grunts are too rough. I apologize." A smooth, sophisticated voice called out from somewhere within the depths of the room, and White quickly turned her attention forward. Suddenly, like he was a creature born from the shadows, Professor Achroma emerged. He smiled, almost gently, at the White
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 7 21
Insanity Equation
It had taken a while, most because of him denying it, but now N was starting to think something was seriously wrong with him.  His emotions seemed to be hot-wired, pulled tight like the strings of a piano waiting to be struck, and even the smallest things seemed to set him off these days. One minute he would be furiously mad, the next he would be crushingly depressed. One minute he would be standing tall and proud, the next he would be curled up in a ball somewhere lamenting over everything he had done and everything he had left behind.
N knew he had to be a big boy and face these problems head-on, he hadn't had a problem with such things in the past, but the difference was that his current conflict was anything external or tangible. The conflict was inside him, tearing his thoughts and emotions this way and that.
Useless boy. Worthless tool. Freak. Monster.
The words seemed to resound and echo inside his skull whenever he was alone. The chillingly cold v
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 13 9
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Eleven]
28. Holding Hands
His hand felt too big for hers- or maybe it was her hand was too small. Whatever the case, it felt odd and calming at the same time. Although that could very well stem from the curious glances of other people on the street as they walked past- the sight of a grown man and a young woman (the latter just barely reaching his shoulders) was an oddity in itself. Seeing the hand of said young woman shoved into the man's coat pocket? That, at the very least, suggested something.  
It had been entirely White's fault, lacking the foresight to bring gloves with her when it was winter.  Of course she had tried to defend herself, while blowing into her hands in an attempt to warm them, that the weather had been rather pleasant when she left home that morning.  Regardless of her weak defense, Nobori had rolled his eyes, gave her one of his gloves, and shoved the other in his pocket where it would be nice and toasty.  Nobori cou
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 17 8
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Ten]
26. Touch
For some people there was nothing more relaxing than touch. The feeling of someone else's hands gently sliding down bare skin, rubbing away tension and pain with gentle squeezes and sending shivers with gentles caresses of fingertips. Nobori, was not one of these kinds of people. He would understand the appeal, certainly, and he didn't have any sort of childhood trauma that made him recoil away from physical contact; he just didn't see the appeal. Perhaps it was because he rarely exposed his skin, preferring to keep it hidden and protected under layers of long-sleeved clothing. Whatever the reason, the sensation of touch wasn't his most favorite.  White, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She loved touching different things to feel their textures, and loved the feeling of others hands. This love of hers caused tickle-fights between her and Kudari, since he was the same way.
Speaking of Kudari, Elesa knew his weakness to touch and exploited it for h
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 16 19
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Nine]
24. Obsessed
Nobori didn't consider himself an obessive person, not by the general definition anyway. He didn't fret and panic whenever something was just a little out of balance, and asymmetry didn't really bother him all that much. If there was one thing that he obsessed over, it was that making sure that everything was as it should be, especially if it came to his work. His reputation was directly linked to the subway, and if the subway looked back, Nobori and Kudari looked bad. Nothing was supposed to fall out of place  or step out of line, even a little bit.  Supposed being the key word of that sentence, since it seemed that a single girl managed to completelt knock Nobori off balance: a young woman named White.
It wasn't like Nobori hadn't seen other girls her age who were just as enthusiastic about Pokemon. The Ace Trainer girl –Miku was it?-- showed the same amount of enthusiasm for battle than White did, and yet Miku didn't appeal to Nobori like
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 15 18
I Am The Baddest Bitch In All Gensokyo by CrystalLotus98 I Am The Baddest Bitch In All Gensokyo :iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 13 9
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Eight]
21. Seventeen
Wasn't seventeen the age where she was supposed to be obsessed with boys? The age where she would gawk and squeal over the prospect of an attractive guy having interest in her? Maybe if White was raised any other way, she would have been that way. Maybe if she had decided to focus more on her studies rather than Pokemon training she would have thought that way. ...Maybe.
In the essence of fairness, she did have a few boys who had expressed interest in her. Austin, the rather charming Cool Trainer she had met in the amusement park one day, was nice enough she supposed. Good looking, too. Something about him just didn't click with White though, something she couldn't quite put her finger on. Austin was a competent Trainer, polite, cute- any other girl probably would have jumped at the chance to get together with him, if not just for his appearance.
There was also Black, that adorable boy who came from some rural town in the southern portion of the region. Chubby chee
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 12 8
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Seven]
19. Possession
"So as I was saying White, how about we go to the amusement park sometime this weekend? I mean, if you're free that is. Since, y'know, life as the Champion is probably time consuming." Nobori froze midstep when he heard someone asking White (his White) out on a date. He looked over to see the young brunette talking with a young man, whom Nobori quickly identified as an Ace Trainer. The class as a whole seemed to consist of people in the prime of life who wore black, red and had cyan blue hair. Quite an oddity to be sure, but that wasn't what was bothering Nobori at that moment.
"The amusement park? Eeeeeeh, sure. I've got time," White shrugged. "I'll meet you at the entrance at.... ten on Sunday?"
"Great! I-I mean. Yeah, good, okay. See you then!" The blue haired boy ran away swiftly, a sorry attempt to hide his enthusiasm. He had the misfortune of passing Nobori at the way out, the Ace Trainer stopping dead in his tracks when the Subway Master gave a glare
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 15 17
If I Had One Wish
The question sometimes comes up in idle conversation: "If you could have one wish, what would it be?" Some people would wish for something petty like a great fortune. Some people would wish for something naïve like world peace. Some people would wish that they would do better in school. Some people would wish they were in another family, even. My wish? My wish wouldn't have anything to do with myself; it would have to do with someone else.
I know this girl- this amazing, wonderful, beautiful girl, who deserves to have all of the happiness in the world. However, she is plagued with a myriad of problems in her life, ranging from poor finances to low self esteem to health problems. For her sake, I won't say what her health problems are, but just know that they must cause her immense pain. More pain than I, someone who has near perfect health, could never understand. She she has high ambitions but a low self-image, and it genuinely hurts whenever she gets upset about her living condit
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 5 3
Heat-Haze Days
August 15th, 12:30 pm.
Nobori rose a hand to try and shield his eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, the warm rays usual intensity made even worse by the fact that this day in particular seemed to particularity sunny. Not a single cloud in the sky for the sunshine to hide behind. Not an unusual occurrence for a Unovan summer, but still bothersome in its own way, especially if you worked in an underground facility that was significantly less well lit than the outside world.  He gave a light sigh and lowered his hands, shoving them in the pockets of his trousers. His uniform coat had been abandoned for the time being (the dark color, high collar and thickness of the material itself did nothing to ward off the heat), in favor of the most more temperature appropriate dress shirt and tie. This was one of the rare days he actually got all his paper work early and wouldn't have to worry about manning any of the trains for another hour. It was a time he could loosen his tie, so to s
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 16 23
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Six]
16. Novel
For all intents and purposes, the life of the Champion wasn't as glamorous as some people painted it to be.  Outside of Pokemon battles and defending the title and all that there was a surprising amount of politics involved with the position. Every once in a while she would be called to a meeting with a bunch of suits and discuss how Unova could be made a better region and whether or not challenging the League should only be a once-a-year thing and whether or not a Pokemon Center should be built in Nuvema Town. White could see why Alder chose to wander around the region, it was to try and get away from the damn suits!  Thankfully there was some refuge from the life of the Champion in the form of Caitlin of all people, the petite psychic's villa in Undella Town had more or less become "The Female League Member's Clubhouse," although Cynthia was more-or-less to blame for that sudden change.
It was during one of the afternoons where White had been invi
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 15 21
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Five]
13. Seeing Red
White liked red. She actually, truly, really liked red. It was a color that wasn't too bright or too dark, and went well with pretty much every other color in the visible spectrum.  At least that's what she used to think. Now… now she couldn't associate the color red with anything but dread and hatred. With death.
It had started out as a normal day; go to the Battle Subway to hang out, team up with Black on the Multi-Line while trying to ignore his obvious infatuation with her, maybe beat Nobori and Kudari (it depended on the day) and then spend her afternoon with the twins until something came up. That was how it had been going ever since White got her Trainer's license, and that didn't change even after she became Champion. Her life was about as close to paradise as it would ever be; how could she ever guess N would come back? How could she ever guess that N would come back, completely out of his mind, and blowing up subway tunnels left and
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 14 15
One Hundred Moments In Time [Part Four]
10. Under The Rain
White hated rain. She hated, hated, hated, it.  To some people, she figured, walking in the rain with a lover would be romantic and perfect and all those other flowery words women liked to use, but White was just miserable.  Thunder roared up in the atmosphere above them, the rain coming down harder almost as if to mock the only two people who hadn't been smart enough to bring an umbrella. White inwardly cursed Kyorge and wrapped the black Subway Master's coat tighter around herself, readjusted the make-shift hood that the collar had become as she tried to match Nobori's naturally long strides (Arcues damn those long legs of his).
Speaking of Nobori, for someone who was getting  completely and totally soaked, he seemed to be taking it all in stride, even if the water caused his shirt to cling to the most appealing manner White had ever seen, and caused his bangs to fall across his forehead and Arceus, why didn't he let his bangs h
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 16 15
Chase the Morning: Chapter Four
 Like with all the other routes, at the end of route 203 sat a rest stop, separating the beaten path from the entrance to Oreburgh Gate. It had been built to prevent feral pokemon from wandering into Jubilife City and causing harm, as well as preventing unknowing humans from wandering into would could be dangerous territory.
 As was customary, it was furnished with a small amount of couches and chairs, and three vending machines lined one of the walls. There was a quiet buzz of people as Trainers and travelers discussed their next plans, or even started a random conversation with whoever it was they were sitting next to. The rest stops had a sense of camaraderie about them- two complete strangers could meet in one, and leave having gained a new friend. For Trainers it served a little more of a purpose, since they had to pass by the checkpoint are in order to even get to Oreburgh, and Shiloh was no exception.
 She stood in front of the counter, resisting the
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 0 2
PMD: Unlimited Written Application
The following application officially seals the character's loyalty to their respective faction.
Please fill out all appropriate information in the spaces provided below.
Character Appearance: Jillian is a shiny, yet smaller-than-normal, Gardevoir. The spikes on either side of her face looked more battered and frayed than most other Gardevoirs, and there is a single silver clasp on the top fin of her left "ear," and the white portions of her skin and "gown" are closer to a very light gray.
Name: Lillian
Gender: Female
Species: Gardevoir
Age: 20
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Faction: TU (The Unlimited)
Occupation: Medic
:iconcrystallotus98:CrystalLotus98 1 0


Saber .NSFW avilable. by sakimichan Saber .NSFW avilable. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,091 295 TF2: Till Death Do Us Part Two by DarkLitria TF2: Till Death Do Us Part Two :icondarklitria:DarkLitria 458 26
Can't I Even Dream? Alternate English Lyrics
Trapped in isolation, I await you,
I don't know why I'm stuck inside of my own creation.
Surrounded by darkness, I am screaming,
Could this be real? It doesn't feel like I'm really dreaming.
I know this world is fake,
But I begin to shake,
The gloom begins to take its toll on me.
I am imprisoned here,
I pray that you are near,
So you can set me free.
I know this world is fake,
And yet I can't awake,
I am alone, living a nightmare,
And now I wish that I never wished to dream.
Searching for a reason to continue,
I cannot cope, I'm losing hope, will I ever see you?
I know this world is fake,
That could be a mistake,
The fear begins to make me go insane.
I don't know what to do,
I am forgetting you,
I cannot stand the pain.
I know this world is fake,
And yet I can't awake,
I am alone, living a nightmare,
And now I wish that I never wished to dream.
And now I wish that I never wished to dream.
:iconsavantsean:savantsean 91 11
Springtrap Doodle by tiramitank Springtrap Doodle :icontiramitank:tiramitank 4 0 Boogie Song by Caught-Gaming Boogie Song :iconcaught-gaming:Caught-Gaming 20 4 Singing by Rebe921 Singing :iconrebe921:Rebe921 1,575 435 S.A.V.E.T.H.E.M by GoldenNove S.A.V.E.T.H.E.M :icongoldennove:GoldenNove 328 113 Hope this is what you DESIRE by aimturein Hope this is what you DESIRE :iconaimturein:aimturein 845 264
Temporal Shenanigans - Fansong
There's no need to justify the meaningless destruction.
The voices always tell me that it's how I'm meant to function.
Everything's in order, everything will come in time,
just as long as I complete the tasks that are mine.
When the time comes that you see the way destiny lies,
it would be okay if you'd pretend to be surprised.
I see in full clarity what was so muddy before.
You see a thousand of me and this is what I'm meant for.
I'm going around not in circles but in spirographs.
It's pretty much this hard to keep just one timeline intact.
I can see the endings that the realms will not permit.
I see them over again while building up to this.
In my current state, it's a bit difficult to sympathise,
but I know what I'm doing! Don't try to tell me otherwise.
I see in full clarity what was so muddy before.
You see a thousand of me and this is what we're made for.
From now on I know I'll be more careful where I tread.
I'm alive and smiling. I'm so tired of being dead.
I see in full clarit
:iconsabretoothedmolerat:SabreToothedMolerat 47 9
Isabelle's Playtime by Caroos-Dungeon Isabelle's Playtime :iconcaroos-dungeon:Caroos-Dungeon 834 69 Self Esteem by Meli-Lusion Self Esteem :iconmeli-lusion:Meli-Lusion 2,200 129 What Tipped You Off Genius!? by LuckyGreen7 What Tipped You Off Genius!? :iconluckygreen7:LuckyGreen7 63 13 Let Me Go! by Anipul Let Me Go! :iconanipul:Anipul 177 35 The Hat by Anipul The Hat :iconanipul:Anipul 189 33 .:Help me:. FNaF 3 + Speedpaint by Suyorii .:Help me:. FNaF 3 + Speedpaint :iconsuyorii:Suyorii 1,177 252 We... are the Homeworld Gems! by prpldragonart We... are the Homeworld Gems! :iconprpldragonart:prpldragonart 5,954 483



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I don't know how many of you guys are on tumblr, but this is important. There is this amazing person I follow, this person is one of the main reasons I didn't just take the revolver we used to have in our apartment and shoot myself in the head. Their name is Rebornica and you might have heard about them in passing if you were ever into Five Nights at Freddy's. I've been going to their streams for a while now, and I couldn't be happier about what I've found there. I've made good friends, stupid puns, and a whole new fandom because of the world that they've been working on for the past four months.  However, this isn't a fangirling journal, this is an awareness journal. This past week they've come under fire from really horrible, toxic people. I would tell the whole story, but it's just a giant mess and I'd much rather forget it ever happened, to be honest with ya'll. Instead, I'll just post the journal that Rebs has asked their followers to pass around. If you want more context, it's all there. If you can, please send them encouraging messages and nice words. Rebs is a great person, and they really don't deserve everything they've gotten this past week.

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