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Pokemon Black and White. Ever since the game were released in the United States and other parts of the world outside of Japan, Pokemon fans were clambering to get their hands on the newest chapter in the Pokemon world and play it. What we got was a inclusion that is possibly the most epic in the series; we got a brand new region -with a mythology that is just begging to be flushed out- entirely new Pokemon to capture and, for the first time in the series, detailed character interactions between the player character and his/her rival. As we all know, it has become tradition to pair the player character with the rival and/or rivals in the Pokemon games, but Black and White introduced us to a new antagonistic force.

Not even ten minutes after getting our new Pokemon partner, we were introduced to an enigmatic character who was known only as "N," a character that would grow and develop into one of the most complex characters in the series. Before getting our fourth badge N revealed that he was the "King" of the villainous team in Unova, Team Plasma. While this was a welcome change to the other team leaders we've had in the past, N's inclusion in the games also planted a seed that would eventually grow into a weed. A horrible, character destroying weed. This weed is known as FerrisWheelShipping.  Now before we can go about trying to fix this, we have to address the issues with this pair and how the fandom portrays it.


To understand why FerrisWheelShipping has become a weed in the Pokemon shipping community, we have to look at the two characters that are involved in the pairing: White and N. As we all know, White is the female "avatar" of the games; yet another silent protagonist with which the player can give her whatever personality and traits he or she desires. While it is shallow to judge a person based on how they dress, looking at White's character arts gives one the impression that she is an independent, ass-kicking, rough-and-tumble kind of girl; a very nice contrast to the other female player characters we got who, let's face it, looked pretty girly with their ridiculously short skirts and dresses (at least May had the decently to wear shorts under her skirt/dress. Biker shorts, but shorts none the less). Do the FerrisWheelShippers write White as any of the previously mentioned adjectives? No. No they do not. For some reason FerrisWheelShippers seem to think that White is a weak, pathetic girl who just can't stand it when her precious N leaves the region. More often than not White -the girl who defeated the Elite Four and befriended one of the legendaries of the region- will completely break town in tears after N leaves her. I kid you not. In fact, while browsing the Pokemon section on FF.Net, I read a summery that went something like: "Ever since he left I've been depressed My self-confidence has been going in a downward spiral and is about to hit rock bottom. I've even been neglecting my Pokemon. N ruined me."

Immediately sensing that this was yet another "Oh no, N left me! What am I going to do? I'm lost without him! He made this journey worthwhile; he's the reason I left home! I can't live without him!" stories I didn't read it. Why is it so hard for FerrisWheelShippers to write White as a normal girl? Speaking as someone who has had her "soul mate" leave her, I can tell you that I got over it. I didn't sit in my room and cry and long over him and get all depressed and mopey about it. I continued on with my life just fine; why is a girl who looks like she could kick anyone's ass, defeated the Elite Four, and left home on a Pokemon journey so incapable of this? Making her depressed over N's leaving doesn't add drama, it makes White look like a pathetic little girl who I would be surprised if would be able to walk without N holding her hand or at least thinking about him.

Hi Bella Swan, it's so not nice to see you in my fandom. Get the hell out.

Let's look at N next. Now N has a much more set in stone personality, motivation and back story. But the FerrisWheelShippers like to ignore that and write him as a "bad-boy" because he looks like one, apparently. I don't see it. Listen, anyone who wears a baseball cap, a pendant of what I assume is supposed to be based on an atom, and a menger sponge is not -IS NOT- a bad boy. He is a nerd. And that is what N is in canon; he's a major math, Pokemon and mythology nerd. One of N's most prominent traits is that he was raised in a sheltered environment and primarily around abused Pokemon. Because of his lack of human-to-human interaction N has problems acting the way a normal person would in public, and only really understands Pokemon. This is another part of N's personality that FerrisWheelShippers so gleefully forget and/or ignore.

In most FerrisWheelShipping stories, N is this perfectly socialized, humanity-savvy, suave, girl-swooning bad-boy. He will often express deep regret in having to fight against White("Oh White..." N started as he stroked the younger Trainer's cheek lightly, causing a bright pink blush to spread across her cheeks. "I don't want to fight you... I don't want to hurt you..." He breathed as he leaned in closer, placing a chaste kiss on her lips). In the game he honestly doesn't care what the player does, if anything he is amused by us and our attempts to stop him and his organization. He doesn't even apologize for getting the player as involved in Team Plasma's affair at the end of the game. For whatever reason the FerrisWheelShippers turn this awkward, fast talking, nerdy, holier-than-thou boy and turns him into the Edward Cullen for White's Bella Swan. This is NOT okay, since it pretty much gives a big middle finger to N's character.

The Ferriswheel scene, love in the making?:

The axis for which this pairing turns is the infamous ferriswheel scene that takes place in Nimbasa City. FerrisWheelShippers like to coat this scene with a nice glaze of sugary sweet romance in the making, often altering the dialogue entirely to suit their wishes. This includes N acting like he's on his first date with his crush, White sitting across from him, blushing and acting like the fragile little doll these fanfics make her, and there will probably be a sloppily added in embrace or kiss. There's interpreting a scene and then there's just ignoring everything that went on in the scene because it wasn't romantic enough. Here is the quote from the ferriswheel scene:

N: "They're not here. Let's ride the Ferris wheel and see if we can spot them. I love Ferris wheels… The circular motion… The mechanics… They're like collections of elegant formulas."

"First, I must tell you... I am the king of Team Plasma. Ghetsis asked me to work with him to save Pokémon. I wonder how many Pokémon exist in this world.

My God... that scene wasn't romantic in the slightest! Well, we can't have that, can we? No, that would be keeping N in character. More often than not, FerrisWheelShippers will only keep in the "I am the King of Team Plasma bit" and re-write everything else so N and White's "twu wuv" can get off to a start.  Now here's the quote  that we get after the battle we have with N:

N: "You're quite strong. But I have a future that I must change. And, for that future... I'll defeat the Champion and become unbeatable, unlike any other! I'll make all Trainers free their Pokémon! Just try and stop me! If you want to be together with Pokémon, your only hope is to collect the Badges from each area and head for the Pokémon League! Try and stop me there, if you dare! If your conviction is not strong enough, you will never be able to defeat me."

Now that was somewhat threatening, wasn't it? It was! N just openly threatened us in that quote! We can't have any icky, horrible, threats against White from N; they're the totally in love, super duper, ultra kawaii couple of this game! Y'see, more often than not FerrisWheelShippers will leave this scene out and replace it with some OCC "romance." This is not how you interpret a scene, children. This is cherry-picking scenes to make N and White look like they are so totally falling in love.

We're friends forever! Until I meet a guy that is, then I'm annoyed with you:

As we all know, Black and White focused more on the relationship the player character had with his/her two main rivals: Cheren and Bianca. These two are some of the worst-treated characters in FerrisWheelShipping stories, and while I am aware these two aren't the most well-received of the rivals, that's no excuse to treat them the way these writers do. Cheren is seen as a romantic rival to N, but it's not done in a tasteful way at all. No, because Cheren went against perfect-angelic-always right N, he's seen as a bad guy.

There are FerrisWheelStories where he pseudo-rapes White, treats her like shit, and disregards her all in a very shallow attempt to make N look better by comparison. It is a disgusting way to portray a character like Cheren, did I just dream the part in the game where he said he felt sympathetic for N and hoped he would come back someday? Again, this is a instance of the FerrisWheelShippers cherry-picking scenes of the games in order to make N look like a fuckin' angel on earth and Cheren like the worst guy in the history of ever.

While Bianca isn't treated as terribly, she is the one White is the most annoyed with. At the most, Bianca's there to ruin any "romantic" moment between N and White or is mentioned in one chapter to encourage White to along with the strange, leader-of-an-evil-team boy they both hardly know before disappearing never to be heard of or mentioned again.  

This is not how friendships work. You don't be friends with people who treat you like shit or who you're annoyed with, let alone be friends with them for ten years. Some guy entering White's life should not automatically change her opinions on her best friends of a solid ten years, but it does. It's just another character trait FerrisWheelShippers give White to make her that much more shallow and that much more like Bella Swan. Because they (mostly Cheren) are adverse to N's ideals then they're automatically not worthy to be filth stuck on the bottom of White's boot. Some people, like myself, feel grateful to have even one friend by her side, and yet FerrisWheelShipping!White acts like she'd rather not associate herself with them, even after being friends with them for ten years.  I'm sorry for repeating myself, but this just really bothers me.


Ghetsis is another one of the big issues FerrisWheelShippers have, meaning that they try and keep him out of the story as much as possible. I can only assume this is because Ghetsis is EEEEEEVVIIIIILLLLLLL and is implied to have emotionally and/or physically abused N when he was a child. Since the FerrisWheelShippers seem to think N is a God on earth, they cut out Ghetsis because he was soooo evil and mean and nasty to poor innocent, hot, harmless, hot sexy N.  The problem with this is that Ghetsis was the mastermind behind Team Plasma, he's the one who was pulling N's string the entire time and the reason N so feverishly pursued his goals. Brainwashing takes a long long time to expel from the human mind, and having such a charismatic figure ruling over his life it would probably take N that much longer.  But no. In most FerrisWheelShipping stories N is completely over any sort of mental scarring and brainwashing Ghetsis had placed on him, in fact N doesn't even care that Ghetsis is living in his castle! This is another problem I have with the most common portrayal of N in  fanfiction: somehow, someway, he is cured of --or was immune to-- Ghetsis' mind control and any sort of scar that was burned into his mind when N was a child. This isn't how brainwashing and mental scarring is recorvered. In some cases it can take years for mental scars and bigotry to be expelled from the mind, especially if someone had certain ideas and opinions pounded into his/her head since childhood. Since N is in his early twenties at the least in the games, that would make it that much harder. His mind has fully developed with the idea that whatever Ghetsis says is one hundred percent correct,it's been embedded into his psyche.

Ideally, White would be there to try and remove Ghetsis' influence on N's mind and help him step out of Ghetsis' shadow. But NO. N is perfectly mentally healthy and doesn't need any form of therapy or character development to get rid of Ghetsis' influence! That would cause an interesting conflict, and we can't have icky, horrid, terrible, disgusting character development or conflict in our FerrisWheelShipping story; it would get in the way of the love! DUH!

Just because Ghetsis didn't do as much as N doesn't mean you can just push aside one of the most influential villains in the series for the sake of your shallow romance. He's every bit as interesting a character as N is, just in a very different way. You can't write him out just because he was evil and treated N like he was less than human, that shows that you don't care about the mental relationship that he and Ghetsis share. It is a deep, psyche-scarring one and would create a lot of interesting plot points, especially if N had reoccurring nightmares of the atrocities Ghetsis committed against himself and the player. But again, that would cause conflict and a interesting character arc for N and we can't have that. That would leave less time for the totally in character sex and making out scenes.

True love?:

A common theme in FerrisWheelShipping stories is the so-called "true love" between White and N. To be fair the "true love" aspect can work, it just takes a lot of time and development for the reader to be convinced that the two characters are in love. The problem is that most stories make N and White fall deeply and truly in love with each other after meeting once. The beginnings of love will usually start with White commenting to herself "Oh my... he sure is hot!" Hello Bella Swan, it's so NOT nice to see you in my Pokemon fanfiction.

If you look through my gallery, you would see that I have a lot of romance stories in my archives, and I will admit that I like a good romance every now and again. The difference being that the couples I write for I give a stable ground for their love to stand on: Chell and Wheatley have been best friends and co-workers for a few years in my AU fics, Chell spent most of her time with Wheatley in Portal 2 , and White and Nobori have known each other for ten years in my ExpressShipping stories. Can you spot the pattern here? It's that the couples I write for have a previous history with each other and have spent a good handful of time with each other. This simply does not happen in FerrisWheelShipping stories. Most writers make N and White instantly attracted to each other and willing to do anything for each other, including making out in a Pokemon Center where anyone could see them and N completely getting over the bigotry he's been fed all his life.  Never mind the fact that she and N interacted for maybe thirty minutes tops, and such a ground breaking change in character in N can't happen in the span of one ferriswheel ride and a few meetings and battles.

Here's the thing about love: you have to be friends with the person before you get into a romantic relationship with them. Even me "soul mate" and I were friends for about three months before we kissed for the first time and started our relationship proper. But since development is the FerrisWheelShipper's natural enemy (along with conflict) they conveniently skip over all that pesky development and time and go straight for the love and kissing! Because that's totally not signs of a shallow, doomed-to-fail relationship. Not in the slightest.  

In most cases, if the story is written in first person, White will gush and comment about how amazing N's eyes are or how flawless his face is, or how he is just so beautiful. Often making connections to N through everyday things she sees. She has a Pokemon with green eyes? She thinks of N. She sees someone with a black and white baseball cap? She thinks of N. She sees the Nimbasa City ferriswheel? She thinks of N. She eats green beans? She thinks of N. She realizes that Team Plasma is ultimately trying to overthrow the governing body of Unova, forcibly changing a way of life that has been in place for who knows how long? She thinks of N. -Slow clap- Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen. What a stunning example of female will-power and sense of self.

Not to mention when it comes to N she constantly has basorexia- an overwhelming hunger to kiss. I know there are some girls like this, otherwise the word wouldn't exist. But seeing White constantly think about kissing N, making out with N, locking tongues with N, swapping spit with N whenever someone so much as mentions him? It gets annoying and shows just how shallow this portrayal is. This isn't how a girl who is truly in love acts, this is how a girl who is in lust and wants nothing more than N in her pants acts.

Getting back to the "no development is allowed" issue. In the essence of fairness this isn't a FerrisWheelShipping-exclusive problem. These "no development required" romances plague the romance genre, and everyone sucks it up and gushes about how the couple's love is so pure and touching and meaningful. Just because Romeo and Juliet got away with falling in love at first glance doesn't mean everybody can. The difference is that Romeo and Juliet was a tragic, touching story where the romance was only there to show how stupid the fighting and hatred between the two families was. Most of the stories that parade "Romeo and Juliet" syndrome are high school romances with little-to-no resemblance of any sort of ground breaking tragedy. What made Romeo and Juliet's story so touching is that even though their families wanted to brutally murder each other, they managed to fall in love despite the bigotry that no doubt had been shoved into their heads.  Yes, White and N have the truth verses ideals conflict, but that is quickly forgotten in order to make room for the romance. Nothing comes of it, there is no drama and there is no tragedy, their relationship becomes a Disney fairytale romance.

(Also, here's another quote, spoken right before the final battle with N,
N: "Now, I will create the future I desire! I shall sweep you before me!" OMG, SO ROMANTIC! N'S SO TOTALLY IN LURVE WITH WHITE!!11)

Here's a breakdown of what I think a good romantic relationship is: It's 70% friendship and mutual respect, 25% time and development, and 5% intimacy. FerrisWheelShippers on the other hand ignore those other two aspects and go straight to the intimacy, having N and Hilda hug and kiss and tell each other they love each other oh-so-much and then have a sex scene. To me this is just the author jumping up and down and proclaiming,

"Look, see! They're hugging and kissing and telling each other they love each other and having sex and everything! They're totally in love! This is what was MEANT to happen in that game! Now start praising me!"

It's immature and sounds more like some poor teenager's skewered perception of love. Love is a very complicated emotion, and it should be treated as such but hardly ever is. Love is as much a mental and emotional experience as it is a physical one. There are more ways to show love between characters than to have them make out whenever they're in a scene together. The way they talk to each other, the way the act around each other, subtle movements that make towards each other. A brush of the hand, a caress of the cheek, and a deep gaze speaks volumes more about a character's relationship than just having them kiss and hug and make love. Expressing a romance between subtle actions means so much more because the two romantic leads don't need any of the shallow physical proclamations of love; they understand each other's feelings so well that actions like that are not needed.

Granted this is N we're talking about here, a guy who wouldn't know what the word "subtle" meant even if you slapped him in the face with it, but still. And even more to the point there is no way in hell N would know what kissing a girl on the mouth or hugging her would mean. To him, love is just another word for a close friendship with another person; since he hasn't been exposed to such a complicated emotion he doesn't know how to react to it. Of course, again, FerrisWheelShippers make N know exactly what love is and makes him the perfect lover and all that other garbage that fans of the pairing lap up. It never is explained how N knows about sex between humans and how to pleasure a woman at all (and him learning about it at a young age is for a more fetishy part of the fandom), and yet he does.  Sexual education just doesn't come naturally. And being "handsome" or "smoldering" or "glorious" or "beautiful" or any of those other purple prose-worthy words doesn't automatically implant the information into the brain. Teaching N about consensual sex between humans has nothing to do with Ghetsis' goals, so why would be bother teaching it in the first place? It's never explained how and why N knows about sex and what to do with a penis and a vagina. He just knows because he's that super-special-aweseome-sexy-perfect-hot-sexy-beautiful-flawless-perfect-sexy-beautiful.

Again, let's look at one of the couples I write for: NoborixWhite (and not just because they're my OTP -shifty eyes-). I've written their relationship as a subtle one, they don't say "I love you" very often because they don't need to. How they feel for each other can be summed up in a gesture or in a look. When they do make their feelings blatant it's mostly because White thinks it's funny to see the usually stern and stoic Nobori flustered. They're intimate when they're alone, but that doesn't mean they make out every second of the time they spend together (unlike what a certain author makes White and N do). Again, it's usually subtle: touching each other's faces, lacing their fingers together, White toying with Nobori's hair, things like that. And here's the amazing part: my White doesn't refer to Nobori as "beautiful" or "glorious" or "amazing" or "smoldering." -GASP- A female lead not commenting on her significant other's looks? Oh my God, wow!

First comes Love, then comes Marriage:

As fanfiction writers we are drawn to the idea of writing "what if?" scenarios for our favorite fandoms. What if Shiloh Wallace took over GeneCo, what if Victor Van Dort married Emily at the end of Corpse Bride, what if Lord Voldemort didn't kill Lily and James Potter, what if Kefka Palazzo was completely successful in his quest to kill the world? Ecetera, ecetra.  One of the biggest "what if?" scenarios for Black and White is: "What if White lost against N?" Now everyone has their own opinion on what the scenario would be like if N triumphed in the end. Or at least that's what I want to say. In almost every scenario of this type that I've seen, N makes White his queen. Now I'm not innocent of this trope myself, but I am one of the few who are taking it in another direction.

In most "White marries N" scenarios, she is completely and totally willing to give up her freedom, family, friends, ability to travel around the world and possibly her Pokemon. Why? Because she'll have her precious-perfect-sparkly-hot-beautiful-gorgeous-hot-sexy-beutiful-flawless N with her, that's why!

This isn't how teenage girls work, or grown women for that matter. No matter how much you love a guy (or think you love a guy), every woman has to think about commitment,  even adult woman have to have a moment to think over the proposal. Again this would make for an interesting emotional conflict, White having to chose between her dreams of traveling the world with Pokemon and being able to see her mom and friends whenever she wanted, or marrying the man she loves and trying to stop him from drastically changing Unova, making him a better person in the process. Guess what? We never get that. All it takes is a few sugar coated, cliché romantic words from N and a little kiss and White is ready and willing to give up everything her life is based around and never look back. -Slow clap- One again: our heroine.

What is it with these stories and avoiding conflict? It is possible to have a balance between conflict and romance, you know.

Pokemon? In my story?:

Pokemon is the axis which this series turns; it has been the motivation and drive for the player character to go out into the world and beat the bad guys since day one.  This is no exception in Black and White, in fact I would say that Pokemon play a bigger role in this story than any other that has been provided to us. In fact the main antagonistic force is a group of Pokemon rights activists, N being the biggest activist of them all.

Like many things, the FerrisWheelShippers conveniently leave out this little detail about N's personality and motivations. They also leave out the fact that White is a Pokemon Trainer, and probably became one because she loves Pokemon. At the most they'll name drop some Pokemon here and reference a Pokemon there, but they only serve as background decorations and a way for the author to remind us all that N and White both have Pokemon. White barely interacts with her Pokemon (if she does she's comparing her Pokemon's green eyes to N, or feeding them poffins) and there is hardly every any instances of N communicating with Pokemon. You know, that one thing he could do that set him apart from other humans? Completely forgotten so we can get another pointless sex/making out scene.

Sorry to ruin your fetish- oh excuse me, your "romance"- but if you locked N in a room with White, a math book and Pokemon he'd go straight for the Pokemon. Or go for the math book and then go to the Pokemon, but you get my point.

If there are Pokemon in the story its for a random out-of-no where battle with N, (even though even a child could tell that N only battles when he absolutely has to and doesn't battle for recreation) or between White, N and the antagonist. I say "the antagonist" because very, very, very, very rarely does Ghetsis sustain his rightful place as the main bad guy in FerrisWheelShipping stories. If he does, he doesn't battle, he plays the role of "that one creepy old guy who wants to rape the heroine because the author said so."

I don't get why FerrisWheelShippers hardly ever have N interacting with Pokemon, even the word of God has said that N values Pokemon above all else. That aside it is very possible to have Hilda and N bond over their shared love for the creatures. Oh, wait, that would mean that there would be actual development in their relationship, and as we all know: relationship development is one of the FerrisWheelShipper's natural enemies.

Conflict and Villains:

In order to make a compelling and enjoyable story, some sort of conflict is required. To pull reference from my own works: the conflict in "Lillies" was Wheatley trying -and failing- to confess to Chell. In "His Way" the conflict was, of course, Wheatley's insanity and how the human mind his AI was created from objected to his attempts to kill Chell. In "Inbound Train" the conflict was Nobori's growing feelings for White, and how he felt disgusted with himself for loving a girl who's nine years younger than he is. And finally, in "Four Years" the conflict is N struggling to understand White and trying to get her to see him as a friend. In most cases the conflict makes the story, no matter how big or how small it is, without a conflict there is no substance. There are only very few times a story can get away without some sort of conflict -emotional or otherwise- but in order to make up for the lack of conflict good character interactions and development are needed.

As we've covered before, FerrisWheelShippers seem adverse to any sort of conflict outside of "Why isn't N kissing me as much?" or "When am N and I going to have sex, if ever?" and "What sort of dress should I wear for N and mine's wedding?" It's shallow, shallow, shallow (kind of like the vast majority of the fans of this pairing, HEYO!). When they try to add in more conflict they really scrape the bottom of the barrel for it, making Cheren an evil jerk who hates N, making the Subway Masters evil and having them want to get into White's pants for no adequately explained reason. I'm not kidding about that last part, by the way. Read "Fill Me With Your Poison" chapter 8; the author makes Ingo and Emmet antagonists for absolutely no reason other than the fact they're hot (I wouldn't mind it so much if she actually wrote them in character, but her inability to write anyone in character is another rant for another day). This would be an interesting plot point if it wasn't in a "White Swan marries Nward Cullen" story; in those stories the main antagonist should be Ghetsis. He's the one pulling N's strings and obviously he's smart enough to coax White into going along with Team Plasma's goal for region-wide Pokemon liberation (implying that the White in these stories even has an opinion to be swayed in these stories after falling in "love" with N, hah!) but he just seems to piss off in these stories. He shows up for about four sentences to go,

"Oh, hey. How are you two doing? I hope you're happy White, my soon to be daughter-in-law. Okay, bye." Then just vanishes; he's only mentioned in passing in between White and N's "twu wuv" scenes. Granted Ghetsis never actually did any of the dirty work himself -he considered himself far too grand to sully his own hands- working through Team Plasma, the Seven Sages and N. However keep in mind that Ghetsis was the leader of the Seven Sages, and probably served as N's advisor during the course of the game; telling N what to do and where to go, giving him insight on where White was going, ect ect. Ghetsis is a manipulator, he wouldn't let anyone under his power do anything unless it somehow benefited him in the end. Somehow I doubt his son, soon-to-be daughter in law, and her friend going on a cruise helps his plans for world domination any.  If he does make another appearance it's just the author going,

"Oh hey, by the way, Ghetsis is so totally evil and stuff. He's got something planned because he's so evil. Did I mention he's evil?"  That doesn't work if he only shows up once every thirteen chapters for three sentences. Ghetsis was subtle with his manipulation, yes, but he served as a crutch for N and he damn well knew it. His influence always made itself known, especially through N since Ghetsis is the one who raised him.   Remember that N is very childish, and like any child he probably listens to every word that his "father"  tells him to do and follows them as closely as he possibly can. And like a child N probably went to Ghetsis if he encountered any unexpected problems. And yet N doesn't in these stories, it's another part of the whole "N is totally mature and civilized now, lol" thing that FerrisWheelShippers like to do oh-so-much.

In the end:

I really, really wish that the whole "Twilight" thing would stop with this pairing. I can see so much potential for character development and growth for this pairing that no one wants to pursue, and I think I know why. Fans of this pairing lap up the "twu wuv" aspect of this pairing; they feel funny in their pants at the idea of N being a lady-swooning bad boy who knows exactly how to pleasure a woman and only has eyes for Hilda. The sad thing about this is that it works. Stories like this will get more favorites and comments gushing praise than stories where N is in character and his and White's relationship has to develop- the latter doesn't provide instant gratification for the fan's fetish. Yes, I called it a fetish, there really is no other way to describe what this pairing has become. The writers of the fics make the stories from White's point of view, give her only a skeleton of a personality and free will so that the reader can more easily fill her shoes and goddamn it, it works!  I know that White is an empty shell, I know that she has no "canon" personality outside the manga, but I doubt that the female players of Black and White are easily manipulated, weak-willed, pathetic girls in real life (or at least I hope they're not).

In the end, it's not about the complex character development we get for N, it's not about the fantastic plot we get or the epic villain we have the pleasure of enjoying; it's about having a good-looking rival character have a romantic relationship with the heroine. I bet if N looked like Giovanni or Cyrus or Archie or Maxie we wouldn't have this problem, know why? Because none of those men are bishounen like N is, that's why. In the end, fangirls only flock to N and squeal over FerrisWheelShipping because N is "sexy," they care not for his personality. Stories like mine, where N has to work for Hilda's respect and friendship aren't going to get nearly as much praise. Stories like mine where Hilda's main romantic interest isn't N aren't going to have hoards of fangirls flooding to them and praising my writing abilities. I'm never going to become as popular as  HikariAngel85 or RelaxOnTheSand, for example, for my Black/White stories because I don't appeal to the fetish-loving masses that make up the majority of the FerrisWheelShipping fanbase. I don't write stories where Hilda instantly falls in love with N or where N is suddenly the perfect lover,  because I think that's just a poor way to garner attention. As such, my stories aren't nearly as popular. It's the Twilight esque trash that they write and draw that's popular! And I'm not only talking those two. I'm talking about everyone on DA and over on who writes and/or draws N as this Edward Cullen wannabe and Hilda as a knock-off of Bella Swan. I'm talking about every fangirl out there who makes Hilda emotionally break down and give up her dreams all because N left her behind.

It's just plain sad how low this pairing's fanbase has sunk, it's gotten to the point where incest and crack pairings are more endearing; and that is rare. I'd rather look at BlankShipping than FerrisWheelShipping. I'd rather read NxGhetsis than Nward CullenxHilda Swan. And I usually don't like incest because of how horrendously OOC the characters are in those situations. The fact that little N raping!Ghetsis and Twincest!Nobori and Kudari are more in character than FerrisWheelShipping is just... there is no words. It's just... wow....
I needed to get this all off my chest, and I don't want to fill all my post-chapter artist's note for Four Years with my anti-fetishwheel commentary.
I hate the way FWS writers White as an easily swayed little princess doll that would crumble to pieces without thinking of N on a constant basis. I hate how they blatantly ignore N's naivety so he can be the perfect lover. I hate how they writes White as a bitch to anyone who isn't N. I hate how they glorify the lust-fueled "romance" N and White share in the stories. I hate their aversion to actual, deep conflict and character development. I hate how they has White completely write off Bianca and Cheren, her best friends because they're not N. I hate how they doesn't do any research I hate that they gets praise and love and favorites for writing the Twilight-esque tripe they do.

I hate stories that get praise for being poorly written trash where almost everyone is out of character. End of Story
Add a Comment:
Ask-LizzyTheEpicness Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Student Filmographer
this is the reason why im a isshushipper. In my isshuship N is the way he usually is, He is a Shy little nerd that is good at math but not good at human life, while Touya is teaching him how the world works (Kinda like how Aoba teaches Clear in DRAMAtical murder) And making sure he is safe... Oh and they also do some crazy shit too XD
I like Ferriswheelshipping, but the stories people write are often not good. Usually they're OOC, and they're just soft romantic stories with absolutely no conflict at all. On rare occasion, I find some good Ferriswheelshipping stories...but not often.
Amber-Riptide Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, I am a ferriswheelshiper, and I agree with a lot of the points you have made here, (GET OUT OF MY OTP TWILIGHT YOU SUCK NO ONE LIKES YOU DAMNIT)
im just saying that I know 3 people who give a brilliant portrayal of this shipping:
and guardianangleX (just off of the top of my head, I think I've done guardians name wrong ,  and there are 3 more I know of but their name escape me as of the present)
i understand your views and appreciate them, just saying that not all ferriswheelshippers are jackasses.
have a nice day~ Amber-Riptide
ComanderSprings Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I just had to favourite this, 100% agreed! Epic clap 
Blueliliac Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so true! I mean I love this ship more than anything but some people do portray the characters all wrong... I love the stories where N is innocent about life and White is just shaking her head at him.
erzascar12 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Finally! Someone with common sense! I was beginning to think that I am the only person in the world who pays attention to the character's personality...
starrcreator Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Every time I try to write  a drabble, I come back to this old thing and remember all the things to NOT do when writing FWS. Bless you.
CrystalLotus98 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Pleasure to be of service. uwu
I've been thinking of writing a deconstruction of the previously commonplace Twilight-FWS, but pure laziness has gotten in the way. Maybe someday. 
starrcreator Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You totally should, I bet it would be hilarious. I'm actually currently working on an AU reversal of the usual "N winz and meks white his quEEN!!!" trope (you're one of the...maybe three... people who's done it right.) and it's all pretty much cracktastic. The fandom needs more fics by sane writers. (If I see *one* more fic about how White goes into manic depression because N left I'm going to kill something.)
CrystalLotus98 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
I even had some lines written out in my head:
"Good morning, my love." N said lowly, his hair falling over one eye. White was sure it was meant to make him look "mysterious", or whatever, but to her it just looked like bedhead. But what N's hair decided to do at the moment wasn't her concern at the moment. Kicking him out of bed, however, was. "The fuck are you doing here?!" She demanded, scuttling to one side of the mattress (Red silk blankets? Seriously? What was this, a Harlequin romance?), and glaring at the side where N had fallen. 

It'd be a funnier take on my previous deconstruction, Four Years, pretty much take shots at all the tropes. Brainless-Shrieking!Bianca, and Jealous-Rapist-Douchebag!Cheren. Because character development only matters for N. 
And I'm with you on that, -raises metaphorical glass- she should have a life outside some creeper. 
starrcreator Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
that paragraph made me cackle so hard I nearly fell out of my OWN bed. Also, one of my biggest pet peeves is completely ignoring Cheren and Bianca in a FWS fic. THEY'RE WHITE'S BEST FRIENDS GODDAMNIT, they literally took their first step together on the journey, White and Cheren and Bianca CARE about each other, there's room for a stunning amount of character development. 

(I'm going to get really meta here, just so you know, you brought out my ranting side)

Bianca is not just a shrieking sidekick, she was brave enough to leave home despite her father disapproving, brave enough to continue even when she lost battles and though she realized she didn't have the strength for Pokemon battling like her friends did, she was brave enough to give both White and Cheren strength when they needed it. Cheren at first glance seems an obnoxious person who only cares about becoming strong, but he cares about White - "We've known each other our whole lives, we've got each other's backs where it counts!" (ugh, I still regret not sticking to Checkmate shipping when I see some of the more horrible fws fics) - and he cares about Bianca. Every time he scolds her - she actually makes the effort to become better too (and yes, DualRival is <3 ).

Cheren discovering what strength really means, Bianca discovering that strength can be of different kinds - White becoming the Champion and defeating N (I prefer him having a Reshiram - just so that I can play with the concept of relativity of ideals and truth), their relationships with their Pokemon above all else...every little detail can matter in a fic. 

Hell, N's conversations with different Pokemon throughout his journey should also matter - I think it's pretty obvious that he battled all the gym leaders, so why not show the change in his view of the world not just through White, but also through others? N modifying his own dream was not the work of a takes only one thing to open your eyes once and for all, but it wouldn't have been possible had he not observed other Pokemon happy with their trainers throughout the time he traversed through Unova. The last battle shows that it was literally a last-minute desperation to prove himself right- he claims his dream is more important even if his friends get hurt...directly contradicting what he's said before. At least that explains why he has a clear head and doesn't break down completely at the end, Ghetsis notwithstanding...his realization was a long time coming, and the battle just helped him open his eyes to the fact that he was going about his dream the wrong way.

If you're still reading this long-winded comment, I apologize. I just have a lot of feels about the amazing characters in BW and no one to share them with.

P.S. Also, I've never uploaded any of my fics, but there isn't even one where N is not directly referred to as a stalker -like, come on, isn't it weird that he ALWAYS goes for you in the game and not your friends? (I'm a blot on the face of the majority of the fandom.)
RagtagElsa Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
I hate this! I ship HildaXN the way you don't like it!

CrystalLotus98 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
:iconnoooooplz: YOU FIEND
(TouhouxPokemon? Aw heeeeell yah, Pokemon-Danmaku battles)
noroamo3 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Yeah I know her.

It's about Hilda becoming a youkai to marry her super-sexy-gorgous-beutiful-perfect N and have twu luv together. Blue marries Parsee.
CrystalLotus98 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
But doesn't it take a really long time of vigorous study to become a Youkai if you weren't born as one? At least, that's what I thin, based on the assumption that Alice and Patchouli were human once.  And even then, won't Hilda outlive N by -decades- if she's a Youkai? Unless N's a Youkai too, because that's just so awesome-perfect-super special-sexy. Because nothing says "twu wuv" than giving up your humanity to become something that Gensokyo fears and hates -w-
And Parsee, huh? That's... random. :S
noroamo3 Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
Gensokyo is full of youkai. N's a youkai as well.
CrystalLotus98 Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
Saw that coming a mile away. :iconeyerollplz:
AlbaCorbina Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
This was really interesting.  I'm planning on starting a text-based Black Nuzlocke that has some ferriswheel shipping in it, so this will give me plenty of things NOT to do.
CrystalLotus98 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
wow people are still replying, this is like a bajillion years old
Butyeah. Even with out the rage-rant, it's pretty easy to avoid the "DO NOTS" when writing N and Hilda's relationship. I'm happy to say that the whole Nward Hullen and Hilda Swann approach to the couple is over and done with. Dominant!Hilda and Socially Awkward!N is always the winner in my book, my own portrayals of those two aside. 

And good luck on your Nuzlocke!
AlbaCorbina Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
FlyingKitsunes Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love ferriswheelshipping and you bring up the worst qualities about it. They are the horrible Fanfics, I do enjoy everyone of them, but the characters seem OOC all the time it's very hard to enjoy. Though I have read some actual good ones I haven't seen one that has kept to the game or character qualities.
Though FWS is my OTP, it comes to mind it is destroyed by the fandom.
Tiruru Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This so much.
Finally someone wrote a good reason why we hate ferriswheelshipping. Most fanfics are just shallow eue They don't care about N's personality. All what I want to say is written here. 
CalicoWingedCat Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh sorry to double comment, I phrased a lot poorly.
If you take the time to develop the characters properly, the ship itself isn't so bothersome. It's the fetishism of all of it that really bothers me. Like there's not semblance of the original characters left. They always get changed to, as you said, Twilight-esque, shallow-as-puddle figures and it bothers me way too much.
CalicoWingedCat Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
As a former (as in not since the game first came out) FerrisWheel shipper, and former editor (and my writing skills were crap back then) for "Infect me with Your Love" I must say that I absolutely adore everything you've said here. Because I was a lot younger and a lot less mature during the (incredibly short) duration of my obsession with this ship.
I got back on my dA after a nearly 2 year hiatus and wanted to gag when I saw my old FWS stuff. I deleted it, and literally hit my head into the wall multiple times at the realization of my stupidity.
I can't stand the FWS community, and even though I (unfortunately) used to be a part of it, it is probably one of my least favorite pairings of all time. I'm sure the occasional fan who does their research and keeps everyone in character might do it some justice, but I don't bother looking for that.
I'm very glad I got over my immature phase, and I'm glad to see people with sense, creating things like this.
Kittykokoro Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That fanfic brings back so many memories! It was the most enjoyable fanfiction I have read ofthe shipping. But I agree, the community is pretty daft.
TheLunaDiviner-Saix Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I understand why you don't like the pairing (I myself have several Pokémon pairings that I don't particularly.  For example, James and Jessibelle and Gary and Dawn (Not to offend any one who does like it.  It just doesn't appeal to me.)).  While I haven't played any of the Gen V games, I just got into Ferriswheelshipping, and honestly it is the AMVs that interest me.
songbreezewolf Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow... everyone here seems to have stumbled upon a lit of terrible FWS that I either haven't read or ignored. I mean yeah I've come across the simpering, whiney White, and some AU bad ass N... but most that I read have N as either a sociopath who takes violently after his father and forces White into some twisted version of s friendship or emotionally crippled and confused and innocent and awkward in almost every aspect.

I have to disagree with your view on N's general public and formal interaction with people however, its NOT possible for him that socially inept as Ghetsis has groomed him to be the perfect public figure for Team Plasma, and I don't know about you but I wouldn't be drawn to an organization led by a stuttering manchild.
I-Wonder-As-I-Wander Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude I didn't even gush at the Ferris wheel scene, to be honest I was more like "Dude....are you okay?" 

Though this is starting to make me like N/Hilda a bit. I still prefer ChessShipping and CheckmateShipping though
StartlightDark35 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
Well, I agree since SOME people *glares at the N fangirls* are just too busy daydreaming, they forget the whole point of love, making N some womanizer, and Hilda like a sex toy. And I disagree as I'm exactly one of those fangirls at one point. *goes to MS Word and looks for FWS story*
floraldarkness Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought I was the only one who thought this.
Thank Arceus i'm not.
jellyjammfan Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i agree. i mean i love FWS, but the way they're written...wishfulshipping at least has some kind of development in the fanfics i've read.
SkiesOfAmethyst Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Student Writer
Okay i'll write a good one for you ^^ Haven't read the mangas but it's worth a shot ^^

And same goes for feelingshipping... I love the ship but it always seems rushed... like they aren't even really good friends, show some development to how they became good friends and then in a relationship 
No, I disagree! 
JulCan1987 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
But both characters ride the ferris wheel with N. So does that mean there is a yaoi version of FerrisWheelShipping, too.
FoxesinTheGarden Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Student General Artist
As late as I am... This is perfect.

I am all for the Ferriswheel ship, but how it's written out and portrayed has actually made me turn away from that part of the fandom. I honestly feel like they seriously watch Twilight and incorporate all of those scenes into the scenes in the game. I honestly don't think N as a "sexy bad boy". He might look it, but the kid is as socially inactive as a rock. Touko, on the other hand, is no Bella Swan. Even the manga makes her out to be like that. People must be turning to the manga as a canonical source for the fetishshipping. Well, to be frank, the manga is the manga and the game is the game. I like to look at the game as the one true and only canonical source. This girl honestly seems like a badass.

 If they were to be in love, it'd be an emotional relationship at best. Yes, he probably knows how the boy-girl jive works, but I doubt he understands the intimacy behind it. He's a child in the brain. A matured child, but still a child. And he probably has a lot of emotional scarring behind him. She's probably the guiding light for him.
Zenmaya Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you!I finally found someone else who hates that crap,It's actually kinda sad how shippings have sunk to an all time low.Anyway I agree with you 110%
Dreamweaver100 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with this so, so much, mainly because it really perplexes me how someone can see a well-fleshed-out, interesting character and think "Hey, you know what would be great? Stripping away everything tht makes this character who they are and replacing it with stereotypical shipping cliches!"

I think I've only seen one well-written FerrisWheelShipping story, and it was a playthrough of BW. I forget what it's called, but it characterizes both White and N beautifully, as well as having her keep a realistic friendship dynamic with Cheren and Bianca.
Animefan4ev Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
THIS. MADE. MY. FUCKING. DAY. No words can describe how much I loved this. I absolutely hate Ferriswheelshipping and its absolute SHALLOWNESS and how it makes White into a swooning, abandon-my-long-time-friends-for-my-boyfriend-who-I-just-met, weak-willed, I'm-nothing-without-my-man kind of girl. She's supposed to be badass! I could totally imagine her as a biker gang leader if she wasn't the Hero of Truth/Ideals. Anyway, off topic, the point is that I love this. Hehe, my OTP is Checkmateshipping WhitexCheren; they have so much more history.
IDreamOfTheWind Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you, my friend, deserve a candy-coated llama. with extra awesomesauce for dipping.
3moNinja Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Student Filmographer

Ferriswheelshipping hates you too.
CrystalLotus98 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
it's a love-hate relationship =w=
3moNinja Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Student Filmographer
Oh, then I guess that's okay then. X3
Elaine182 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013
Haha, I don't know about everyone else, but I love that N is a nerdy, math poke-freak and that he has no human social skills. I think it's kind of cute, and workable for the shipping part.
Maybe, because I HATED Twilight and its "romance". Either way.
bagasuit091 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I know this rant is rather old, but I really wanted to comment. Reading this made my day; it's so spot on, so true! I never thought of comparing the Ferriswheelshipping cliches to Twilight, but it really is similar isn't it? It's just horrible...Black and White, in my opinion, had possibly the most interesting/epic storyline of the series so far, and fangirls ignore it all just so they can focus on their poorly written romance fics. In the game, N came off as a bit creepy to me, but after finishing the ending, he seemed like a pretty complex character. It's sad to see authors portray him so shallow and OOC. And I applaud you for bringing up Ghetsis, who is possibly the most frightening villain of the series simply because he was so skilled at manipulation, and corrupting the mind/future of N as a child.

So, again, just wanted to thank you so much for writing this! Very glad I happened upon it today.
JayEyedWolf Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to say I appreciate this post so much. A friend of mine is currently working on a FWS story set after BW, and ignoring the events of BW2 because she hasn't quite finished it yet, and while she's doing a great job right now finding posts like this really helps me when I'm acting as her beta reader/editor/pre-reviewer person. Frankly, I agree with you on every point expressed here. It makes me sad that I can't even be bothered to search NxWhite on Fanfiction because I know it's all going to be Twilight ripoffs that just bore me. (which is part of why I'm so glad my friend is writing a decent fic X3)
But yes, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you've said here. It's a major help, both to my friend and I, as I plan to write a FWS fic myself at some point in the future.
silverstar800 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
i agree with what ur saying i like farriswheelshipping but the story's suck i just think up my own in my head because the ones on have to many LEMONS fuck i hate those over detailed sex parts of the story just eww (i love N he is a good character but story writers have just killed him :( )
sunechirei Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Student Writer
I know this is two years old, but I just found it through Tumblr because a friend was ranting about it.

I got about halfway through because I got bored of all the whining and I just have to say this; this is all fandoms. It's not just Ferriswheelshipping. I've seen this kind of butchering everywhere and it's why I stopped reading fanfiction in the first place. All I have to say is you're right. It's annoying. But there's nothing you can do about it and you might as well just move on and ignore them. People have a right to write what they want and getting mad at them for it doesn't do anything helpful.

Anyway. Again, sorry for the random and late comment. Even though I've been playing Pokemon since they came out I only recently had time for B/W so I only recently started discovering this stuff. People are stupid. Don't waste your time one them.
JayEyedWolf Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, I'm going to have to disagree with you there. Rants like this can help authors who are doing their absolute best to avoid writing White/Touko, N, and the rest of the cast like they're straight out of Twilight. I don't think CrystalLotus wrote this with the intention of fixing any of the writers who are obsessed with making the characters like this, it was just something they wanted to get off their chest.
(And it really is all fandoms. My friend [also a FWShipper] got me into Sherlock recently, and the amount of Johnlock [jokes don't equal a romantic relationship; they're FRIENDS], MycroftxMoriarty, MycroftxSherlock, MoriartyxSherlock-- it goes on forever-- is just saddening, because they butcher the characters and their relationships just because there aren't any solid canon pairings. It IS frustrating, and telling those shippers that won't do anything, but sometimes it helps to get it off your chest.)
Hope I didn't come off as offensive in any way. :)
sunechirei Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Student Writer
I disagree with you on the Johnlock thing, especially since the actors themselves ship the pairing ;) But that's besides the point. (I doubt it'll ever happen in canon, but it's a fun ship nonetheless)

Ranting is fine. I do it all the time. But if you don't read the fanfics in the first place, then you don't have to spend the energy ranting. I think that's the point I was trying to make. I honestly barely remember reply to this post O.o That happens a lot with me.
JayEyedWolf Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really? Eh. I just think it's cuter as a friendship than as a romance. *shrugs*
Well, I think she does read some of them-- she even quoted/referenced one in her rant, which is probably what built up the energy in her to rant. Sometimes there's just no other way to expel that energy; I do see your point though. :)
(doesn't that happen to everyone? XD)
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